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Professional Drape and Curtain Cleaning in Melbourne

One aspect of your home or office you are likely to overlook is how clean and presentable your curtains are. They can be silent collectors of dust and dirt. They also attract allergens, contributing to a less fresh atmosphere. For those residing in the bustling heart of Melbourne, professional drape and curtain cleaning services are a game-changer, offering more than just aesthetic appeal.

Superior Carpet Care keenly understands the importance of well-cleaned curtains. In response, we’ve developed specialised techniques that make cleaning and re-hanging your heavy drapes easier.

Enhance Your Space With Clean Drapes and Curtains

You might wonder why paying attention to your window dressings is essential. Drapes and curtains function as filters that hold back particles floating in the air. These can cause an unpleasant odour or bad quality of air if left without washing for some time.

We recommend you get professional steam cleaning every 6 to 18 months, depending on how much pollution your spaces are exposed to. It removes all the accumulated dirt and possible allergy-triggering substances, giving a fresh breath to your environment.

We believe a complete curtain treatment is not only good for your health but also revitalises your drapes to look fresh and new again, regaining their vivid colour and perfect appearance. This alteration might be very important if you have expensive or eye-catching drapes that are a significant design feature in the room. Fresh, smooth drapes can really change how a space feels.

Our Effortless Cleaning and Re-Hanging Solutions

Recognising the complexity of handling heavy drapes, we have honed professional techniques to ensure a seamless cleaning and re-hanging process, prioritising customer satisfaction and fabric care.

Typically, the first step in our professional cleaning service is an inspection. This process helps the expert decide which cleaning method will work best for you while strictly adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Next is the washing process. We use hot water extraction and eco-friendly solutions to efficiently eliminate dirt from your items without damaging delicate fabrics or materials.

Our specialised re-hanging approach is a unique aspect of our service, utilising proprietary hardware and techniques to ensure your drapes look as good as new upon completion. Moreover, we boast eco-friendly cleaning solutions, paired with a hot water extraction method, to provide a deep clean that’s both thorough and environmentally conscious.

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Tailored Drape and Carpet Cleaning to Suit Your Needs

Tailored Drape and Carpet Cleaning to Suit Your Needs

We pride ourselves on our strategic and customised drape and curtain care approach. Understanding that no two draperies or curtains are alike, we take it upon ourselves to apply personalised cleaning methods to your varying drapery and curtain types. Our expertise covers an extensive range of fabric types, from dense, weighty drapes to delicate, sheer curtains.


Our thorough, specialised drape and curtain cleaning services include:

  • Household curtains of all types
  • Commercial drapery and heavy, theatre-style curtains

We are experts who know the intricacies of drape and curtain fabrics, applying the correct treatments while adhering strictly to manufacturers’ instructions. Trust your drapes and curtains to Superior Carpet Care, where your fabric care is our priority.

Why Choose Superior Carpet Cleaners?

Why Choose Superior Carpet Cleaners?

Opting for our drape and curtain cleaning service in Melbourne equates to a commitment to quality, care, and environmental consciousness. Utilising eco-friendly practices, technicians deliver exceptional service, leaving behind a trail of freshness and a visually enhanced space.


Reliable Drape and Carpet Cleaning

We do a deep clean that ensures the removal of superficial dirt and embedded particles that can cause damage over time. Moreover, these processes rejuvenate the fabric of your curtains, leading to a visually pleasing and almost new appearance. In the end, you enjoy enhanced air quality due to the removal of allergens and particles caught in the fabric fibres.

Affordable and Quality Work

Understanding the cost is crucial when considering professional cleaning. While prices vary depending on the size and fabric type, we provide transparent estimates, ensuring no surprises when you get the bill. Investing in such a service pays off in the long-term preservation and presentation of your window treatments.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

We value your concern for your environment’s quality and safety. That is why we use safe, eco-friendly cleaning methods that keep your spaces free of harmful, toxic chemicals. As a result, you get to enjoy the results of our effective expert processes without worrying about exposure to residual chemicals.

Your Trusted Drape and Cleaning Partner

Our professional drape and curtain cleaning is an essential facility that boosts your room’s look while offering undeniable health advantages. Moreover, you enjoy peace of mind from our commitment to customer satisfaction and exceptional work quality. So, contact Superior Carpet Care today on 1300 130 441 and consider making their services part of your regular maintenance to experience how flawlessly clean drapes can change your surroundings.


Having your drapes cleaned can provide a number of benefits, including:

– A deeper clean that removes all the built-up dirt, dust, and allergens

– A restored appearance that makes your drapes look like new again

– Improved air quality in your home or office

The frequency with which you should have your drapes cleaned depends on a few factors, such as how often they are used and how much dust and dirt they collect. Generally, we recommend having them cleaned at least once a year. However, if you notice that they are starting to look dirty or faded, it might be time for a cleaning sooner.

The cost of drapery and curtain cleaning varies depending on the size and type of drapes or curtains, as well as the level of service you require. Superior Carpet Care offers a high level of service that includes deep cleaning and rehanging of heavy drapes. We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

We will first inspect your drapes to determine the best method of cleaning. We will then clean them using our proprietary techniques, which involve hot water extraction and eco-friendly solutions. Finally, we will re-hang your drapes using our special hardware and techniques.

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