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Residential Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Yours won’t be the first tiles that have been restored by our professional tile and grout cleaners in Melbourne. We take great pride in our position as Melbourne’s preferred source for tile and grout restoration and cleaning. With many years of experience and the highest quality of skilled technicians on our team, our results see our customers returning time and time again for a clean they can rely on.

Our comprehensive cleaning service extends beyond surface cleaning to ensure your tiles and grout are commercial tile and grout cleaning truly sanitised and revitalised. The result? A cleaner, healthier, and more inviting living or working space.

For homeowners, our services can be particularly useful. Whether you’ve recently moved into an old home with tiles and grout that need some TLC, or you’re looking to bring your home back to its former glory, we’ve got the skills you need to see those tiles sparkle.

A partially cleaned tile.

Cleaning Services

Grout Sealing for Long-lasting Protection

Are you looking for tile and grout cleaning services that can also result in long-lasting protection? Here, our services aren’t just about cleaning, but about setting your tiles and grout up for ongoing cleanliness and success. Grout sealing is a key part of our services, offering extra defence against common moisture, stains, and grime. This can help your freshly cleaned tiles stay looking their very best for many years to come, providing not only peace of mind but also an ongoing return in value for your cleaning investment.

Since grout is porous and can allow bacteria and mildew to thrive, a grout sealant can significantly extend the durability of your grout for years. You can also save money in the long run through taking this proactive sealing step! At Superior Carpet Care, we use an eco-friendly product that meets the highest safety standards and is suitable for residential and commercial spaces alike.

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Residential Tile and Grout Cleaning in Melbourne

Are you a homeowner or renting your property? Keeping your home clean and fresh is one of the top priorities when it comes to enjoying your space and prioritising your family’s health and well-being.

Our residential tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne are designed to help you achieve the highest level of cleanliness. Whether in your kitchen, bathroom, or another tiled area in your home, we bring experience, expertise, and cutting-edge tools to the task. From restoring tiles to their original colour, to reducing grout dirt and discolouration, we provide a level of cleanliness that your tiles and grout have never experienced before.

Our professional cleaning services can also help when it comes to ongoing cleanliness and maintenance. If you’re constantly fighting with the same dirt and stains on your tiles, it’s time to call in our professional team. You’ll be amazed by what we’re able to achieve in the areas where you’ve given up hope!

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Commercial Tile Cleaning Solutions in Melbourne

Our comprehensive tile and grout restoration in Melbourne services also extend to businesses and commercial spaces. Thanks to Melbourne’s unique weather and environmental factors, business and commercial premises often need to work harder to maintain a clean, sanitary, and aesthetically pleasing environment. If your tiles are discoloured and your grout’s dirty, your customers, clients, and employees may be quick to notice!

Whether it’s restoring the ambience in an office lobby or meeting strict hygienic standards in commercial kitchens, the Superior Carpet Cleaning team is able to tackle any level of specific cleaning needs. Our qualified team of expert technicians pride themselves on delivering superior results in every clean, matching industry cleaning requirements and leaving a lasting impression with our commercial customers.

We can also work around the limitations involved in successfully cleaning commercial premises. Contact our friendly team today to find an easy and customised tile and grout cleaning solution for your commercial location.

A cleaner doing a tile cleaning.

Cleaning Services

Affordable Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne shouldn’t break the bank. We believe that our superior services should be accessible to all, and it’s why we take such pride in offering affordable cleaning services that never compromise on quality.

This commitment to affordability is a part of our overall dedication to giving our customers the best experience possible in our wide range of services. With pricing that’s structured to fit comfortably in your budget, we’re able to support homeowners and professionals in both residential and commercial tile and grout restoration needs. Plus, with transparent pricing and upfront quotes, you’ll never get bill shock at the end of our cleaning service!

With Superior Carpet Care, find the confidence you need to invest in high-quality tile and grout cleaning services that won’t just transform your tiles, but will protect your bank account. We love providing our services to greater Melbourne, making it easier than ever to enjoy clean and sparkling tiles.

Cleaning Services


Our professionals use a range of specialised cleaning products and high-pressure equipment to effectively and safely remove dirt, stains, and grime from tile and grout surfaces. Our eco-friendly products are designed to break down tough deposits, all while protecting both the environment and your tiles.

When it comes to cleaning tile and grout floors, the best option is to hire the finest professionals. We have the expertise and equipment needed to ensure a thorough and impactful clean, safely and securely, prioritising your home and the environment in our services.

Grout cleaning doesn’t need to be expensive in Melbourne! Grout cleaning costs can vary depending on the size of the task and the area, but at Superior Carpet Care, we offer competitive and affordable pricing that won’t break the bank for our valued customers.



Superior Carpet Care provides top quality, caring, professional and eco-friendly cleaning services to all suburbs in the Melbourne metropolitan area. Our technicians give a brilliant service and ‘the best clean you have ever seen.’

Superior Carpet Care

Other Services

If you need carpet cleaning in Melbourne, you expect the best. Whether it’s regular commercial carpet treatment to keep an office building healthy or an end-of-lease dry cleaning job, you need a team that offers real value for money. We keep our prices affordable without compromising on quality.

Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the best clean possible. We’ve invested heavily in eco-friendly cleaning solutions that provide exceptional results without the harsh chemicals used in years gone by.

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A zoomed picture of a cleaned tile showing only a worker's hand wearing an orange glove.

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