We are open 24/7 for emergency flood and water damage services.


Flood Damage Cleaning in Bundoora

If your building in Bundoora has been impacted by flooding, it’s important to immediately call a local reputable cleaning company that provides flood damage cleaning in Bundoora. Acting fast can get the water removed much sooner and stop any long-term water damage problems such as mould and odour from developing.

Superior Carpet Care provides 24/7 emergency flood Bundoora cleaning and restoration services. Our technicians use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to remove water from affected areas as quickly as possible.

Flood Restoration Services We Offer in Bundoora

Carpet Water Damage Cleaning

When a building experiences water damage, it’s often the carpet that gets affected the most. Superior Carpet Care is available to resolve any carpet water damage Bundoora properties have incurred. We will thoroughly cleanse and deep dry the carpet’s weave and underlay as well as pull up the carpet to pressure clean the floor underneath.

The Best Mould Removal Services in Bundoora

Mould growth is very likely to occur after a flood, as wet and warm surfaces like wet floors and carpets can become a breeding ground for mould. Not only does this smell bad and stain surfaces, but it can also compromise the health of the building’s occupants. A major facet of Superior Carpet Care’s service for floor and carpet water damage in Bundoora is treating floors and carpets with chemicals that will stop mould from growing, helping to ensure a healthy environment.

Bundoora Drying Services

Any water that has entered your property due to flooding can easily get soaked into the building’s floors and walls and eventually cause structural damage if it’s not treated as soon as possible. Fortunately, Superior Carpet Care offers drying services as part of our flood damage cleaning in Bundoora. We use high-tech drying equipment that will remove any moisture trapped within your building’s structure, helping to stop mould from growing and causing structural problems.

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We are open 24/7 for emergency flood and water damage services.
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