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Emergency Stain Tips – Liquids

We all have those unfortunate times when we spill a glass of wine on our carpet, or the kids “accidentally” use texta’s on the carpet. We all have those moments when we see the honey, orange juice or the like tip onto the carpet in slow motion. It is the way you react in the first few hours that can make the biggest difference to the way the stain can be cleaned up.

This is a very simple process that can help you deal with emergency spills:

For Liquids:

  • Get a wet white cloth – tea towel, nappy, paper towel and put the cloth on the stain to try to absorb as much liquid as possible. Keep changing the cloth as soon as you can see the cloth taking in the spillage. DO NOT RUB OR SCRUB THE STAIN. You can apply a small amount of pressure to help absorb more of the spillage.
  • Ensure that the cloth used is white – coloured paper towel and towels can cause further dyes to run onto the carpet.
  • Try to get as much liquid out of the stain as possible. Keep applying new cloths until no more of the spillage can be seen being absorbed into the cloth.
  • If you are not getting any more of the stain on the cloth, but there is still a stain visible on the carpet, apply a small amount of water to the stain and repeat the above process. Continue process until no more of the spillage is being absorbed.
  • If your stain is still visible on the carpet please contact Superior Carpet Care for assistance.

Stain Removal is a very specialised field of carpet cleaning, care, experience, quality equiptment & proceedures mean everyrthing.
Please do not use super-market shelf products as this can make it worse.

We are open 24/7 for emergency flood and water damage services.
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