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Commercial Cleaning

Trusted Interior Care Professionals

Superior Carpet Care is your trusted and experienced Melbourne partner for superior interior car detailing services. We know how important it is to have a clean, fresh, and hygienic car interior, both for protecting your car’s longevity and for the everyday enjoyment of your vehicle. Our years of dedicated service are the foundation for exceptional detailing results, delivering the cleanest, most welcoming, and hygienically safe auto interior you will ever experience. You’re just a call away from a transformed car interior!

A cleaner doing leather cleaning in a car seat.

Interior Car Detailing Services

Experience the Difference of Better Car Interior

If you’ve ever tried to clean the interior of your car yourself, you’ll know that interior car detailing is about much more than a surface-level clean. We know that a detailed and thorough interior car clean is about investing in the longevity and safekeeping of your vehicle. We focus on removing odours, dirt, and stains, as well as delivering car cleaning services that protect you and your family against everyday allergens and bacteria. Not only do our professional car interior detailing services deliver exceptional results for a superior everyday driving experience, but we also help to protect your car’s future resale value through our high-quality cleaning services.

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Interior Car Detailing Services

Thorough and Effective: Our Comprehensive Detailing Process

Your car’s wellbeing is too big of an investment to risk. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive and customer-focused approach to interior automotive detailing, taking our time to expertly and thoroughly deliver a car detailing experience that’s unmatched.

We take a highly personalised approach to your car’s interior cleaning needs. Our first step is to conduct a thorough vacuum, removing dirt and grime from your vehicle and paving the way for a deep clean to follow.

Then, we carefully and strategically apply cleaning shampoo, eliminating odours, bacteria and allergens through this cleaning process.

We then focus on stain removal, leather cleaning, and conditioning. Depending on your vehicle’s interior materials, we’ll use the highest quality of cleaning tools and treatments to protect and enhance your interior details.

With a wide range of highly specialised tools and eco-friendly products at our disposal, we’re dedicated to delivering a comprehensive clean that results in a good-as-new (and sparkling!) auto interior.

A cleaner doing a leather cleaning in a car seat.

Interior Car Detailing Services

Personalised Care for Your Vehicle

Whether your car’s working overtime being used for family transport or a luxury vehicle used for Sunday drives, our personalised car interior detailing services are highly tailored to meet your car’s specific needs. This approach allows us to deliver an expert interior clean that removes the risk of accidental damage or improper handling. While other companies may take a one-size-fits-all approach, our experienced interior cleaning technicians draw on their years of expertise to deliver care for your car that doesn’t cut corners or compromise on the details. With us, your car interiors are always in the most caring of hands.

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Interior Car Detailing Services

Why Choose Superior Carpet Care?

If you’re looking for peace of mind, quality, and results, we are the team to call for your interior and mobile automotive detailing needs. We’re dedicated to giving our customers superior services they can rely on.

Vast Detailing Expertise

Not sure if you can trust a team to care for your car with the attention it deserves? With years of experience in a wide range of interior automotive detailing experiences, we deliver innovative and expert-led results, using the highest quality techniques and products.

Keen Attention to Detail

We’re not one to cut corners. Whether you’ve got a stubborn stain or need a service that’s going to bring your car back to life, our attention to detail means we’re able to clean even the dirtiest of car interiors. No detail is ignored as we work hard to restore your car to its best possible condition, giving you years of enjoyment and comfort on the other side of our unparalleled work.

Ensured Customer Satisfaction

Our satisfied customers’ reviews speak for themselves. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means our technicians do what is right, each and every time. This results in thorough and sophisticated interior car details that transform your car, giving you the highest quality driving experiences when you’re back behind the wheel.

We’re ready to elevate your auto interior detailing experience. For mobile car cleaning services, you can rely on us time and time again. It’s time to give us a call on 1300 130 441 and meet our team for yourself!

Superior Carpet Care van on the road.

Interior Car Detailing Services

Taking Your Car Interior to Another Level

Say goodbye to stained interiors and unwelcome odours in your car, and say hello to comfort in every trip. Experience the benefits of Superior Carpet Care for all of your interior car detailing needs. Your prized possession is in expert hands with our dedicated and experienced team. For excellent service, a dedication to customer satisfaction, and results that speak for themselves, we are the only one you need for all your interior detailing needs.



Superior Carpet Care provides top quality, caring, professional and eco-friendly cleaning services to all suburbs in the Melbourne metropolitan area. Our technicians give a brilliant service and ‘the best clean you have ever seen.’

Superior Carpet Care

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